Paella workshop


If anything characterizes Valencian cuisine internationally, it is its Mediterranean flavors. We should note that there are significant differences between the cuisine of the coastal areas, where primarily fish and vegetables are eaten, and the inland areas, which mainly consume meat products. However, there is a common element that characterizes all Valencian cuisine: rice. This grain, cultivated since Moorish times in the Valencia region, is highly prized and used in countless dishes, the best known of them being: paella.
Valencia is suitable for even the most demanding culinary tourists. In fact, the most internationally known Spanish dish has its birthplace here. Many are surprised when they try an authentic paella, since other places offer different versions of the dish that have nothing to do with the original recipe. There’s nothing like enjoying a good restaurant in Palmar, on the beach, or anywhere in Valencia with this traditional dish, although, I must say, it tastes even better if the «chef» is you.
With our Paella Cooking workshop, we give you the opportunity to learn to cook authentic paella, working closely with local artisans. An educational but fun activity at the same time. We’ll begin with a tour of the Central Market in Valencia, to find out what are the necessary ingredients to cook this traditional dish. After buying them, we will go to a cooking school and begin the preparation. There are many things to do: clean and prepare the vegetables, tend the fire, manage the time, add the rice, and so on. During preparation, we will also have time to dig deeper in our cuisine. You’ll learn the different varieties of rice in this region, how this grain is cultivated, how paella was born or how one of the best-known beverages of this region is made. Of course, we can’t forget about the tapas, those little dishes that perfectly define popular Spanish cuisine. An activity that you can only do here in Valencia.